Privacy Policy

【Basic Policy】
Harison Sangyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") recognizes that the personal information of customers is information that constitutes privacy, and our officers and employees will comply with each law and regulation and strive to protect your privacy.

When we ask for personal information, we will inform you of the purpose of use of personal information and obtain your consent for the purpose of use.

We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than the purpose specified by our company. When changing the purpose of use, we will inform you in advance by a method that can be browsed (Internet homepage).

【Purpose of Use】
We use your personal information as follows

1. To reply to your inquiries.

2. To inform you about the business contents such as events sponsored by our company, or new business, by mail, telephone, e-mail, and other methods.

【Provision of personal information to third parties】
We will not provide the personal information obtained from customers to third parties. However, this does not apply if any of the following is applicable.

1. If you agree

2. When we are required to disclose personal information in accordance with the law.

3. When it is necessary to disclose the information to a subcontractor in order to execute the collection purpose specified to the customer.

4. When there is a risk of urgent need for human life or property.

5. When the customer's personal information is provided to a third party according to 1 or 3 above, we will make an agreement regarding the protection of the personal information with the third party, and make every effort to protect the personal information.

【Disclosure of personal information and correction/deletion】

1. If we confirm that you are the customer, we will show you the registration details.

2. If there are any corrections to the personal information of the customer himself/herself, we will make the corrections as soon as possible at the direction of the customer.

3. Personal information will be deleted if the customer requests the deletion of personal information. However, if the retention period is stipulated by law, the information cannot be deleted within the retention period.

【Efforts to protect personal information】
In order to prevent the loss, theft, unauthorized use, and unauthorized editing of personal information, we carry out educational activities and training for officers and employees to comply with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

【Request to customers】
Customers are requested to strictly manage the information contained in our various documents (contracts, quotations, etc.).

【About review】
The privacy policy may change due to the establishment and revision of laws and regulations, and the contents of our products and services. In that case, we will publish it in a way that can be viewed by customers.

For inquiries regarding the contents of our privacy policy, please contact the following.

Harison Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Protection 082-263-9611
(From 11:00 to 17:00 except weekends and holidays)
Established April 1, 2008

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